We are preparing ourselves for future of work

That is being shaped by the present and put into practice now. It is April 2021.

To be prepared for the future of work we are doing what we do best.
Learning and trying. Testing and breaking.

Here is a shortlist of research notes to some of the apps and skills we are fucking with right now:


We use this no-code (some code, if you want) for client projects.

We use this for graphic design more than anything.
See all of our icons and profile avatars (big thanks to Pablo Stanley and his Open Peeps)

We use this for mapping out our ideas - especially at a distance.

We use this app for documentation, writing, and even to publish our website (+ Super.so). This is our home for 99.99% (we ran the numbers) of all of our thoughts, content (text, images, GIFs), and links.



Project Management


User Experience (UX) Design

Service Design

🗒Note: This post is very dynamic and is changing often.