Intro to theIndustryDirect

We Think About Business, Work, Jobs, Education, Skills, Products, Services, Design, Development, Industries, Markets, Economies, and Other Fun 💩

As mentioned above, we think about a lot. Though we feel we are in the learning phase of so much, we want to share our thoughts with you so we can give and get value.

A good place to start this journey together is by giving your a tour.

On the Web

The following is a map to where you can find us online.

Our website

This is our homepage (hosted on Carrd) that we use more as a signpost to us on the web — even in real life, at some point.

This is a website that is hosted using and
It is broken into 3 main sections/pages — with subsections/subpages.

Our Newsletter/Blog

You are here. We host this here on Substack.


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